Medical Writing - the peak of the iceberg of a clinical trial

Medicine is a subject in continuous growth and development, new knowledge and new information are continuously added through an improvement in research, clinical and surgical experience. Numerous types of articles, scientific documents, scientific protocols relating to research, magazines written for educational purposes, documents and promotional activities, others about diseases or drugs, scientific publications such as book chapters and magazine abstracts, and a part are part of medical writing. Which has grown a lot in the last few years about content for healthcare websites, the word greeting or greeting news is spreading with the general and non-healthcare population. 

The scientific information transmitted by these documents must be presented in order to be better understood by the target audience, which can be both a specialist audience but also an audience such as the general population and finally all insurance. To deal with this large amount of data is the figure of the expert in medical writing, who does not necessarily have to be the same who carried out the research but collaborate with the interested parties involved in the collection of data, the medical writer will present and then transmit those data appropriately.  A good medical writing is necessary for a clear and accurate writing of the literature, otherwise a research could appear imperfect if presented in a bad way. The figure of the expert in medical writing requires a profound knowledge of medical terminology, knowledge, guidelines, scientific concepts, about the content of documents and good communication skills and good skills also about writing. Also important is the ability to understand medical literature, in understanding research data and the process of reviewing scientific texts and their publication. Medical writers combine their scientific background with their scientific research expertise, presenting data in the most appropriate way for the target audience. The demand for professionals qualified by correct medical writing is growing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, but requires deep knowledge and sometimes specialist skills, at the end of a more accurate drafting of scientific documents. Another area in which medical writing is growing is on the one hand the writing of e-learning modules in collaboration with the scientific society and on the other side of marketing in the field of healthcare products, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. Precisely in this area, the professional expert in medical writing can be involved in the organization of clinical research, in the writing of research protocols, in the writing of normative documents, in clinical studies in the different phases (I-IV), focusing attention to the various guidelines related to the topic under study. So knowledge of pharmacology and understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is an essential part of medical writing. The pharmaceutical industry continuously produces new medical devices and new drugs and, therefore, new scientific documents are produced to be submitted to the regulatory authority for the approval process, here the importance of having a fixed point of reference in a medical writing specialist. The use of a language with a correct grammar, the use of a not too complex or particularly technical language that  makes writing suitable also for a non-medical public, the knowledge of databases such as EMBASE, PubMed, Medline, and others, in addition, the knowledge of ethical and legal issues, with the attention of copyright laws, in plagiarism, makes the figure of the expert in medical writing essential.

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