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The group pursues a clear and definite aim: to support independent investigators in contributing to the scientific evidence, by carrying successfully out clinical trials and observational studies. With a complete portfolio of professional competences, we provide clinical trial stakeholders with full support in study design, clinical operations, data management, analysis and report.  With a special focus on clinical data analytics models, we satisfy the need to obtain real world evidence on investigational medicinal products and improve clinical practice by capturing a deeper knowledge about performance and safety.

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Did you remotize your clinical trial during COVID-19 pandemic? Or did you just stop?

Given the numerous requests received from the research stakeholders to the Clinical Trials Office and to the GCP Inspection Office, the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) provided indications on the management of clinical trials and the introduction of substantial trial amendments in Italy following the exceptional restrictive measures introduced by the government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn today which strategies you could implement to avoid suspehending your clinical trial!

Artificial Intelligence for clinical data analysis

Classical statistics powered clinical research for decades, but machine learning and deep learning are the brand new frontier to obtain a more in-dept knowledge from data.

Big data in clinical research allow to develop artificial intelligence models, to predict outcomes, classify disease and achieve the best insights. 

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Join today the RESEARCHAIN project

The blockchain is the technology of trust and constitutes the most suitable environment for conducting transparent and verifiable clinical operations. The RESEARCHAIN project, promoted by Research Group, aims at developing a culture about the blockchain applied to clinical research, in order to involve stakeholders and improve knowledge on applicability of this technology in clinical trials.

Do you feel ready for the future of clinical research?

Power your clinical trials and speed up enrollment with Video-assisted Informed Consent

Informed consent is one of the key operations in a clinical trial, due to its paramount importance in either clinical and ethical aspects. Sometimes, administering the consent and delivering a clear and full informative to each of the study subject is time consuming.

Engage the patient and shorten the investigator’s burden with the Video-Assisted Informed Consent!

Discover now our method to set up and carry out clinical trials, with the I-SEARCH® paradigm.

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